Sheets made from velcro ~

There are days in my life when the discoveries that I make completely amaze me.

Sometimes, I wonder how I lived to be the age I am and did not know that things could be so interesting, or annoying, or… whatever I may be doing that day.

This week, I learned allll about sleeping in FLEECE sheets.

WHO on this planet, had the brain fart that invented those nasty, horrible, awful, terrible, STUPID things?

They seemed soooo inviting, and toasty and warm…


Sleeping in fleece sheets is like sleeping in a cocoon of FUH-REAKING VELCRO.

I’d go to turn over and I would (literally) spin INSIDE my jammies ~ When I got up to go to the restroom at 2 a.m. I looked in the bathroom mirror and (I kid you NOT)  my nightgown was BACKWARD. O.o

It was like… the only way I could sleep was to pull my arms and head inside so I could spin freely inside my little safety cocoon of cotton flannel.

And… before you EVEN go there, I am here to tell you that sleeping nekkid is not a good idea either.

damn things are prickly as I imagine a cactus to be, and WAY to warm!

**sigh** I’m going to take a nap.

On the MATTRESS pad.

Covered with my lovely down quilt and its 100% Egyptian cotton duvet.

g’night moon!



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