and so it begins…

First full day of the year, I had a very busy day. Topped it off perfectly with dinner at a restaurant that I’d never been to ~ a buffet style place, with the BEST pot roast I’ve had in a VERY long time.

**BURP** (‘scuse!) 

So, here I am, three hours (and a nap) later ~ and I am STILL feeling stuffed. 

On the upside, I’m not going to need to buy groceries this week. Downside… more laps in the pool to make up for the extra calories… though that was a given, considering the time of year, right?

I see I barely made the “one a day” post  resolution ~ if the dog had not absolutely insisted that she needed to go outside, I would already be one day behind on the only resolution I actually made this year.

Thank you Miss Sasquatch Blue.

(and her sidekick ~ Jumba)

not a huge post, but… it is a beginning.

:) we’ll see where it goes.

Until tomorrow then!





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