Suck it up buttercup, cuz I just ate your shoe…

Day 3 ~

1/3/14 ~ 01/03/2014 ~ January 3, 2014 ~

eyup. that is today.

and this has GOT to be a record now, actually making a post three days in a row.

I didn’t used to be this bad, but now?

guess I feel that sometimes I just haven’t anything good to say, and can not bring myself up from the doldrums enough to even THINK of anything good … so it is easier to just not say anything.

Perhaps that has got to stop… I need to just say what I want/need/feel and let it fall where it must.


**sigh** yeah, right. **snort**

Because I moved, I’ve had to change doctors. The one I was given is young, and … I shall no longer be going to see him, nor anyone else in that practice. Where to from here?

I don’t know. The resistance to do what is necessary to see where/why I am physically is huge, and I am tired of that. JUST when I think I am making progress, EVERYTHING is shut down, and no tests, no nothing. I go back to waiting, and feeling crappy all the time, and being in constant pain, and …

yeah. fun fun fun!

so for tonight ~ I am grateful for family, friends and most of all my dogs.

They are a steady source of “suck it up buttercup, cuz I just ate your freakin’ shoe” and I, while missing my shoe, appreciate that there is nothing in my life that will change how the dog feels about me or does things.

They don’t run away when I feel terrible, they listen when I complain but don’t say dumb things, they snuggle when I need it and leave me alone when I am not wanting to be touched…

fibroshititus is that way… sometimes, you just can’t stand to be touched.

And… throwing the toys is a great way to let off extra energy, and the dogs don’t give a poop that I throw like a girl sometimes. :)

yeah. dogs are wonderful things.

as are horses, and kitties and guinea pigs and allll those other stuffs.

and so… I am off to bed. The weekend is here, and I’m going to the flea market to look for treasures ~ then?

hmmm… the then is there, but just being my ken.

love and light, blessed be.

go out and be excellent to one another!


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