Goals are good…right?

Evening here in the city, and though it is only 10 p.m. the street is very quiet. The occasional car creeps by, slowed by the snowfall of the afternoon storm…

All freakin’ ONE INCH of it.

Though it really was better this time than last, if one does the count by cars. If one does the count by damage, THIS inch was worse than the last. 3 people are dead, where last storm there was zero loss of life.

Lets see…

Did a run to the storage, and while there decided I really didn’t want to give it up. I may be homeless soon, so I would like to have somewhere for my things to go. If I do it right, I can even put the car in the thing :) ~ though what I would live in if I did that…I’m not sure. I’d live in the storage if I could, but it is actually written into the contract that I can not.

Dammit. Composting toilet and I’d be in heaven, because I discovered today that it is “heated” over there. By that I mean there is a bit of warm air pushed out of a vent that is up by the ceiling ~ and I CAN tell the difference in the thing.

**shrug** we shall see, eh?

In all seriousness, there isn’t any place in this city that I can afford. I don’t want a roomie ~ and I’m not going to be able to live with either of the girls that live here in this city, so…

**shrug** yeah, I am really sort of angry about it ~ but that is the way life is these days. Use up the parents, then toss them aside.

Doesn’t seem right, and I really thought that somehow we could work this whole thing out… but no one wants to change, no one wants to do anything but what THEY want to do, and no one really thinks of anyone else.

Am I including myself in that? I don’t know. Nothing I’ve done, or tried to do has met with any success, all I get it hostility and “we are going to live by ourselves” … why don’t we look for a MIL place?

Oh right ~ no change, no thought, no asking questions, lets just fly by the ass of our britches and FTW!!!

Is okay, at least they tried.

m’kay, enough bitchy. :)

I’ve myself to the point where I can actually sit down and begin to build things again, and I intend to do this with or without the co-operation of the people I live with. I MUST do something or I will go nuts.

Thus, I begin my “doable order” with a quilt square –> Karen Nyberg Star Block Quilt. I’ve got it ready to sew, but I can’t find a pen to sign it with, and the good folk at the fabric place gave me a “WTF” look ~ perhaps at the craft store, eh?

I’ll put up a picture when it is done, I promise.

Thinking I shall begin a photo a day on here also ~ I’ve GOT to do something to keep myself interested in daily stuff, I can see where I get mired in the fussiness of my daily doofusishness and don’t really accomplish anything.

Goals are good, right?

Eyup! Goals are good.

See you tomorrow :)


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