well… like…THAT totally SUCKS…

Easy day today, still getting into the swing of “regular” life.

This is where you ask me “what IS the definition of regular as used in the sentence previous to this one”?

And my answer would be…

I have abso-freakin-lutely NO clue.

Regular is a word that means “things that happen on schedule, and with predictability.” **Snort**

NOTHING in my life is predictable, so using the word regular is only good if you are going to be talking of the doodoo habits of my dogs.


Maybe a better way to put it would be that I am getting into the swing of “normal” life?

Nope! Normal is not in my vocabulary either, so ~ yeah.

Okay, I’d hazard a guess that what I am saying is that I’m getting out of bed every morning, and doing stuff during the day.


I actually consider this satisfying, and good use of my time.

Hey… don’t laugh. Because more often than I care to really consider, any day I can get out of bed AND get a few things done is one hell of an accomplishment.

eyup! There are days when I hurt so much I’d honestly think about (bodily functions not withstanding) never getting up out of bed.

Let me explain… No, there is to much… let me sum up:

Fibromyalgia (fibroshititus in Sue speak) SUCKS. I would compare it to when you have been out in winter weather, gotten your hands or feet so cold that when they begin to warm up, they feel hot? As though all the nerve endings are feeling so much heat that your mind says “PULL AWAY PULL AWAY” from that heat, even though there is no heat source there?

That is what happens to me ~ my entire body feels like it is on fire, my whole body goes insane, every single nerve is sending a message to my brain, and my poor brain hears garbled noises from EVERYWHERE so it goes into overload and interprets it as pain.

Deep, burning pain.*

yeah. that TOTALLY SUCKS.

SO! ALL that bow wow aside… YES. I did good today. No more than I planned, no less than I planned, and I feel tired, but good.**

eyup yup yup!

I done did good today.

See you tomorrow, until then… be excellent to one another.


*this is what I think my fibromyalgia is. I’ve been told many things, read even more on the subject, and my conclusion is the above. I am sure it is not “Right” medically, but that is how I understand the mess I live with.
don’t go all medical on me, okay? It is just my reality. thanks :)

**we shall speak of the “planned” things in my life later. Planning presumes regularity… something I know nothing of. :)

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