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so… we’ve winds of great gusts (40mph the high so far on my house) and the power outages are just outside town.

I really can not figure out why/how the power goes out so much, to me it is a worrisome thing, for it is SUCH a major part of our infrastructure, our mere survival these days depends on electricity.

Makes me able to really kind of “get” and have an appreciation of the “off grid” life style.

Just another weirdity about living in the city that I do not really care for ~ which reminds me… I need to fill the jugs to flush the toilet with. O.o Our lovely duplex doesn’t have a working plug for the bath tub. :P

I have done the coffee thing, and for some reason, I am not hungry this morning. I’m going to go with my body, and not with the “don’t skip breakfast” crowd ~ I just don’t feel like eating.

All my life I’ve been told that it makes your day so much worse if you skip the first meal of the day, whatever time of day that meal is.

I STILL don’t know if I believe that, I’ve never really paid much attention to how my body responds. During my years of heavy work, yes, breakfast was a necessary thing, but now? Not so much. More often than not these days I wake up feeling full, so I just don’t bother to eat.

Can’t think of a reason why my bod would do this, but…here we are. The slightly odd and (possibly) disgusting truth.

As I age, I notice that I do not sleep “normal” either ~ someone needs to figure that shit out there, it sucks to be awake at weird hours, cuz then you sleep weird hours and people start wondering if you are dead… O.o

Well, not really but you know what I mean.

And yes, to a large extent I do know why “I” do that ~ damn pain from the fibroshititus. But my older acquaintances all sleep as weird as I do, and they are “normal” humans.

Truly, so much science really does not know, ya know? :D

Power outages are creeping closer… tweeter feed says so.

Gotta save, and then… I am off to the day.

Blessings, good juju and prayers for you to have a fabulous day ~

Now ~ WHY does my dog think she needs to go out and check the peemail every half hour?

Oh… yeah. I do that with my email too.



be excellent to one another!


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