the more I do, the more I do…do. and it ain’t doody.

As I really did get everything done that I had planned yesterday, I have been able to move on to some fun stuffs.

Today I decided that I would do this next ~ ( more info here ).

The only requirement is that the block be some kind of star, and 9 inches. (9.5 so they can sew it in with a bunch of others)

I think I am going to do an Ohio Star. There is a simpler star, called just that ~ Simple Eight Point Star ~ and I’ve enough fabric to do either. One takes four colors (first one) and the other (second) takes three colors, or just two if I am so inclined.

Now, I’ve only made ONE quilt in my entire life. It was a Nine Patch, (nine small squares in one big square, then big squares into a quilt top) and while it turned out okay, I was NOT very good at the squares. AND!!! (admission of sin here) I “AHREM” (breath intake)… TIED the top to the lining undercarriage thing. (OMG! GAAAAASP!!)

O.o yes. yes I did. With embroidery floss, so it wasn’t as bad as using yarn, but hey… I had Quilters block (see what I did there?) but CDO would not allow me to stop until I’d finished the thing, even if it wasn’t done properly with quilting and all…

So. here I am, going to make just the square to begin with, and then I’ll sign it and send it off to be sewn into the big quilt.

From there, I don’t know. I’ve fabric enough to continue making quilts until the day the Lord comes to get us all, so maybe I’ll just keep going. Keep my mind working a bit, yes?

Next on the list (if I had one) will (would) be one to send to someone to quilt for the Quilts of Valor group. I think I’ll use the one square I actually know…did you guess it??? LOL!!! yeah. One just like the one I didn’t do so well on.

hey, I’m learning, so I have to cut myself some slack, right?


Now, the thought here is that I have all these other things doing ~ I’m knitting, and crocheting, and writing, and reading voraciously ~ why do I do so much?

Simple answer actually ~ I am easily bored these days. I have the attention span of a gnat, so I have many things to do to keep me going. Maybe one day I’ll return to my old self and be able to power straight through to the end of something…

we’ll see. I kind of doubt it. I shall have to learn be happy just putzing and being at the spot where I am doing things at all.

The more I do, the more I am able to do, and by doing more does, I does do better.

did I confuse the doody out of you yet?

:) I did me… dang.


Until tomorrow…


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