beautiful day in Spokane ~ clear blue skies, and only a little bit cold. MY kind of day.

Now, to get out in it, right?

After two days with the grandson, I have a few chores to do here at my house… like laundry.

ZERO clean skivvies, and the dogs are smelly from being on the ranch ~ how they can find nasties to roll in even when they are not up by the barns, I will NEVER know.

ugh. Clean up is part of the deal…I’m going to have to bleach my socks…or stop wearing white socks maybe?

hmmm… yeah. time for non dirt showing socks.

I am not doing well on the only resolution I kinda had… that I was going to write on this here blog daily… **ka-snort** (not obvious, is it?)

yeah, it is so very hard to write when I am depressed, it all comes out as whining, and I don’t like to do that.

much. ;-)

Other than laundry, I am going to catch up on my tv shows (Castle, Agents of Shield, and Almost Human mainly) and anything else that catches my fancy. Only hanging on to the cable because Game of Thrones starts in less than a month.

Read books, (entire series so far) so have to watch the shows like they are not EVEN the same characters. For one thing… Tyrion is good looking on the show, where in the book, he is ugly and an object of ridicule. There are a more than a few glaring differences, but hey… that is just the way showbiz tends to be.

Only two months ’til I’m homeless… I’m sure something will work out. It is making me crazy, but I’m trying not to worry.

If I could, I’d buy a house, the payments would be cheaper… I just need 35K for a down payment… O.o


man, I do crack myself up.


Away to the day.

:* MWAH!


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