Something will work out…

Life is so weird.

I am now full time baby sitting for my grandson (from now on known, as Gs1, as his mom is T1K) ~ been a hard thing to get going, and I am STILL uncertain if I am up to the task physically.

**sigh** I can do anything that I must, right?

Besides, I am terribly bored right now, I actually NEED this to do. If I can help, then that is worth the tired. :)

Now to adjust to the hours, and try to learn to think like a kidlet again…

Yeah, I know… like that will be a problem for ME.

Currently, “we” are napping ~ then it will be time for lunch. I am sooo ready, I didn’t have anything easy to make at home, so I didn’t get breakfast. And I suddenly have this weird thing about “using” other peoples food… I so did not come out of the latest situation unscathed.

Kind of sucks, but hey, I’ll deal.

Now… final thing to deal with is a place to live for me. Most everything is to expensive, and I’ve no way to buy anything… so…

I dunno. Universe, hear my plea…

Something will work out. I am sure of it.

go out and be excellent to one another today (and every day!)


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