Wouldn’t be without him…

Hump Day!!! YAY… wait ~ IS it Wednesday?


Seriously, I do not know if I am comin’ or goin’ right now.

yes, I KNOW it is an age-old problem and one that is (mostly) solvable.

I figure that once someone knows how to stop the nonsense, they’ll write a book, and I’ll read it, and we’ll all be happy…

Well, I won’t be, because I STILL probably won’t actually know how to stop the crazy circus carousel that I seem to be riding right now.

At this very moment, I am sitting here ~ (duh, right?? BUT ~ read on…) trying to type with my grandson on my lap. He, being 17 months old tomorrow, has little pokey fingers that interrupt nearly everything that I am doing, with a regularity that rivals the filling of his nappy.

Sick humor aside, that little paragraph, in all its’ incomplete glory, pretty much sums up my life these days. As the little mans main caregiver, I am poked, followed about, peed on, poo’ed on, splattered on, dripped on, sprayed on, dirt lavishly shared on…and then, you add the dogs to that mix ~ :)

It really is wonderful in a weird way when I look at it. Yes, I am COMPLETELY exhausted by the end of the week, but the funny far outweighs the weird. While I would gladly slow the amount I am doing down, I would not want to give it up totally ~ not only would boredom settle in and I’d go NUTS, but I would miss the things I have with him now.

Could not have asked for a better child.

:) Guess I could die happy right now ~ with this part of my life at least.

I’m falling behind in taking care of myself ~ not good, yes I know this too.

I have tried to talk to T1k about it, but she is pretty swamped, and her hubby? well… lets just say he is not someone who cares about anyone but himself, and his critters. He does occasionally try, but it only extends to his son, and MAYBE T1k…

I literally have to FIGHT to get any time to do the things I need to do, beyond doctor appointments and such. Even those I am expected to take the boy with me.

Can’t happen, so I give up the appointments instead. **sigh**

While I know this is my old life returned, I am okay. As I say, I can die without worry. I’ve spent time with everyone, so where ever it goes from here, I’m good.


Except sorting out the sCHit I have to sort through.

heh. I may just leave it all for the girls, and pretend I “forgot” about it.

eyup. I’m thinkin’ that perhaps my dementia is going to be VERY selective. (Knocks on wood)

Make it good day, m’kay? Nap hour is upon us, I have phone calls to make.

Just so you know, this 500 word post took three HOURS to do.

wouldn’t be without him.

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