It was a long week

Without preamble, I would like to say I am having a DAY.

Could not make noise because the kid (INSANELY GRUMPY little THING) was sleeping, so I wound up sneaking about the house this morning (like Mr. Bilbo Baggins WITHOUT the benefit of a ring) until nearly NINE.

THEN… **sigh** then I was able to get up and make/have/swill coffee to try to avoid the inevitable caffeine withdrawal headache, all the while listening to the “adults” argue and grump and poop on one another and their respective parades…Some days, I manage fairly well with the ignorablity (it is my super power, just so you know) but in this situation those are getting fewer and further between now. I have come to think that because I am now a familiar figure, there is no censure on what is said who, where, when, what and how…and if I am within range, I get dragged into the cesspool.

Seriously. Some days, this whole thing devolves into a situation that I want out of in a pretty bad way.

Anyone need a nanny? I’m good with horses, dogs, cats, babies, old humans, and sundry aliens…. not necessarily in that order either.

Be aware, that I am not very good these days with humans whom should KNOW FREAKIN BETTER. If the collective ‘you’ are being stupid, I will mostly likely tell you that I think you are, and not give to much of a damn what you thinks of me in return.

The perks of old age don’tcha know. :)

All the rant aside, it really was a long week. My ‘Primary care’ doctor is unavailable until further notice, as is his nurse, so now they (insurance company) will allow me to change doctors.


Had a tooth pulled, hole in the jaw is healing nicely, and I feel a quadtillion times better.


The knees are not bad either, (knock on wood)


now… to find a place to live, a livelihood of some kind, and then bring my kitties over from their sojourn with my mom.


It was a long week.


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