I just hope I don’t kill the poor thing

For the first time since I moved to Spokane, there is a real live storm going on outside.

Thunder, lightning, and… zero rain or wind.

VERY creepy.

The wind is beginning though, which means it will pass over us soon… I think.

This very much reminds me of when we were living in Ohio, and I was home all by myself with two children and a tornado went past the house. No sirens, no warning, nothing.

I got cable television the next day.

oh. and I was 8 months pregnant with the third child… O.o …

yeah, happier times, all the way around.

What does this have to do with anything?

right! oh. okay.

Lying here in my bed with my chiweenie ~ who is curled up under my butt is what this is about.

If he pushes any further under me, he is going to be sayin’ hello to my unmentionables.

Poor thing. did not know he was scared of thunder.

I just hope I don’t fart and gas him to death.


g’night moon has a whole different meaning tonight. ;-)

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