Sliding East

So, today is Monday in the ordinary world.

Monday, with all its moaning and groaning, with the curses that accompany such things.

Me? All of me feels like this is Sunday.

Both T1k (t1stk) and SIL now have Sunday/Monday off, which makes the weekend here slip a bit to the ordinal point of East.

This is really okay with me, for I have no real days of the week per say myself. So things get done on different days than the real world?

Who gives a rats ass?

Okay, maybe God, because I’ve missed so many Sunday services now… I just plain forget it is the day I am supposed to go learn stuff… **sigh**

Sometimes, I really wish that I knew everything.


I’ll let you know when I have learned everything there is to know, and will be sure to announce it.

Tell you what! I’ll even get an infomercial up on the telly so that y’all can begin sending me money and support me in the manner of all proper prophets of the gods on this planet.


yeah, I really do crack myself up.


Be excellent to one another…

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