Tomorrow will be better…

still in the throes of a flare up… totally sucks, totally makes me grumpy, totally makes me overly … EVERYTHING.


other than that? life is good. found out that Obamacare does not include glasses… so now I am trying to figure out how to afford said glasses ~ guess I should not have gotten my bunny. **shrug** it is what it is. :D

She is so sweet and nice… I have yet to finish her pen, I shall jerry~rig something tomorrow out of the pallets I have collected ~ I am hoping to have a hutch for her by the end of September.


Hard to say anything good when I hurt so bad.


Currently, my life is all about the shuffle. Shuffled from house to house, family to family…doctor to doctor…therapist to therapist…

it so ain’t fun.

Tomorrow will be better.



Go out and be excellent to one another.


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