Welcome to my circus

I preface this post with a warning… If you have any trouble with the mentions of bodily functions, and my making fun of spiritual healing ~ you may want to stop reading this right now.

Seriously, it is not THAT bad…but… well, chance it and see what happens?

And I know that my humor leaves a lot of people wondering… but THIS is hilarious.

As you know (and in case you do not) I spend my afternoons with my grandson, AKA Gs1.

At a mere 19 months, he is as smart as can be, he understands quite a bit ~ when he slows down long enough to actually listen. O.o He is not ready to actually talk, but he (we) are able to understand quite well.

While there is a downside to this, the upside is in his ability to act, and get the thought across without using words.

Yesterday afternoon, he was in a rare mood after his nap ~ He babbled, and talked, and danced, and was in the BEST self entertainment mode. It is all a good thing, as I am going through this weird episode the makes us need to sit on my bed quite a bit.

As part of the game to help the entertainment, Gs1 has figured out how to flop backward onto a pile of pillows. Just sticks his arms out, and **KERPLOPS** ~ at 36″ tall, it is not that far.

In the middle of this game, Gs1 was standing up ~ I reached up and palmed his forehead, shouted “BE HEALED” and he fell back.

The giggles that followed that were the kind that would make even Grumpy Cat smile. We healed ourselves for another half an hour, then it was time for Peg + Cat on PBS Kids.

Fast forward to evening. T1k is home, and we are getting ready for bed…

Gs1 is standing on the bed, T1k is sitting next to him.

T1k farts, and it smells horrible.

As in ~ Death to all living beings horrible.

Gs1 sniffs, curls his lip, reaches up…

Smacks his moms’ forehead with his palm and yells (what I can only think would be) “BE HEALED”!

I laughed until I cried.

Welcome to my circus.



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