I don’t wait very well…

“Monday, Monday ~ *shuh nah shuhnahnah* So good to me… ”

yes. Name the artist** (without goog-ling it) and you’ll win… something. Have to prove you didn’t google the lyrics. :)

For, ’tis Monday in the PNW ~ and only 8:20 in the morning too.

I’ve the feeling that something is going to do, happen, change, be… something is a huge swath of possibilities, I just do not know what.

If I don’t post tomorrow, (or in the next few days) then you’ll know I’m gone ~

Because if it is a good change, then I’ll be on here and on my tweeter feed to tell (read: help me say YAY!!) about it.

If bad change, then I’ll be on the twitter feed tell (read: to watch me complain) about it.


Other than being in pain all weekend, (I slept nearly all day yesterday) it feels as though the weekend was productive. T1k’s CDO (OCD in Morgan speak) kicked in and she got everything done that has been just hanging about.

Like, starting new on this Monday morning type thing?

Is good, really. So much just gets left undone, and she frets about it, but allows it to build ~ kind of like shooting oneself in the foot, then complaining that it hurts?


But now, ’tis all done, and a direction has been chosen, and Lord please help them keep going and actually DO the direction!!! Seriously.

For once, it is something I can get behind, something that feels right, something I ~ in my heart ~ know that this is something that will help my family, my friends, and our little corner of the world be a better place. (more later, when it is more squared away, feel like I’ll jinx it if I talk to soon?)

Nope, nothing so grand as giving up our lives and becoming missionaries… that is not our way in this life.

:) I’m looking forward to going on with this ~ then, they will be on their way, which is all this full-time mom has ever wanted.


What the hell I am going to do when they are all finally established?


question for the millenia, eh?


Maybe I’ll get lucky and win a trip somewhere… like… HERE?

Or maybe I’ll just load Bubba Hotep up, and ride across the country.

Who knows?

Time will give me an answer ~ now if I am only patient enough to wait for it?

**sigh** yes. that is a problem for me…I don’t wait very well. O.o

Go out and be excellent to one another ~

love ya.



**Mamas and Papas :)

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