Hug somebody today!

Sunday nights are always hard for me ~ I am not sure exactly why either.

My whole life has been about doing on the weekends, and now I see my girls doing the same ~ the great “40 hours a week” thing, rushing through the years, and with what at the end?

I’ve nothing.

I pray different for them.

And for everyone else that is coming along behind us baby boomers.

My folks did not teach us anything about retirement, about fulfillment in life, about… nothing. My parents were very much the LIVE TODAY types, with never a thought for what might need doing in the future.

As did their parents, but hey. I know some of my parents compatriots that are doing really well now, so why could my parents not have learned?

**sigh** I will never know, my father is gone, and my mom is suffering from the beginnings of dementia.

yay!!! (not) I get to look forward to one or the other ~ or neither, if I do things right. :D


what to do?

It is terribly hard, because I feel like no one really gives a crap. Lord knows, I more often than not do not EVEN care about tomorrow ~ I limp through today, and then fall into bed and pray tomorrow is better.

Sometimes it is, sometimes… it is worse.

Especially when a person feels alone.

eyup. it isn’t easy. If I could, I’d ride off into the sunset. :D

That thought has a LOT of merit actually.


go out and be excellent to one another ~ and hug everyone.

You never know who might be hiding the most pain behind their smile.


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