Are we all zombies??? O.o

Tis now September in the year of our Lord, 2014. (Gregorian calendar)

hey… according to the Mayan Calendar, today doesn’t exist… O.o ~ we are working on finishing up our second year of non-existence as I type!

So, how does it feel to be dead??

Maybe we are all zombies, and we don’t know it.

hmmmm… I need to do some research on what the latest doomsday thing is ~ been isolated with the Toddler, my world is pretty small right now.

Gotta have something to panic over, right?


So much drama, so little time.

In all seriousness, I am totally amazed at how little affects my actual life these days.

I get up, I go swimming, I feed the horse, I feed the dogs, I feed the cats, I eat breakfast, I check the computer, I visit with housemates, they go to work, I take care of the Toddler, housemates (Toddlers parents) get home, I nap, we eat, we put the place to bed.

yeah, there is a LOT more in there, but you can see the drift of life that is the basic outline.

Now, we push on to begin the time of cleaning, updating, and getting ready for winter ~ it will take a bit this year, because the whole thing was on hold until the housemates found out if the dude they are renting from would sell the property for a decent price…

Turns out he is, and “boom” work/clean up/improvements commence.

I just hope it can all get finished before the snow actually begins to fall for reals.

I’ve a weird feeling about this winter. One that makes me want to burrow in, and not look for my shadow until February.

**yawn** the “Napping Hour” is upon us, I must sleep when the Toddler does.

It is all that keeps me going through the afternoons. :)

Go out and be excellent to one another ~


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