Totally sucks when there is no one else to blame…

Ah yes… getting up with the best of intentions is always a good thing ~

AAAAANNND… eyup! I got up, but my good intentions went directly out the window into the fog.

Literally. We have freezing fog today, and the visibility is less than a tenth of a mile. I can not even see across the pasture to the barn at this point.

I know there are critters out there somewhere too ~

While I’m not behind on everything right now, I truly have just been making it through the days as they come.

Actually, I did not realize this until this weekend while I was away house/pet sitting away from home.

To myself, I seem to do this a lot. Do I really? Probably. **sigh**

yeah, I sooooo gotta work on this.

**shrug** Always a work in progress… always.

I blame it on… oh shit, can’t blame it on anything. :P

That sucks.

Totally sucks when there is no excuse for the stupid stuff one does.

At least I think so.

Away to the day, though I am unsure what I am going to get done with the weather acting stupid. Just catching up with the animals will be good enough for me.

Go out and make this the best day you’ve ever had.

And I love you… lots. <3

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