Don’t let a little poop ruin your day…



oh yeah… where are we going?

Currently, I am stuck in my chair at home. It is foggy for the ninety millionth day in a row, so I am cuddling with my light box and having a second cup of coffee.

okay, this is really my third ~ **sigh** ~

One day I will remember that more caffeine really does NOT help me wake up. Point of fact, it is quite the opposite. Once I hit the saturation point, if I continue to drink coffee I’m not only sleepy, but jittery also.

It is called “managing your addictions” there folks. Everything on this planet is bad for you if you have too much of it.



it IS so.

Managing our excesses should be a serious goal for all of us ~ because once you figure it out, life can be pretty good.

and no.

I’ve NOT got it figured out.


ugh. ugh. ugh.

On the upside, Valentines Day is now in the past.

My date for it went SO well.

After a late breakfast with the family, I met up with a friend for doing… whatever.

His dogs went along for the ride.

One of them was terrible sick, all over the backseat of the car ~ diarrhea sick.

The stink was pretty awful, the dog felt bad, friend felt bad…

All I could do was laugh. I mean… seriously. How can it NOT be funny when you are trying to make a decent impression on someone and your dog poops all over your car?


It wasn’t funny for him, he kind of went home mad because I wasn’t going to let it ruin the good time I was looking forward to.

AAAAAND… another one bites the dust.

I paid for my own lunch too.


no valentine for me.

today I shall spend doing things I put off for the past week ~ which in my life, is not significant enough to be more than an hours work.

maybe I’ll just take a nap instead so I have 90 minutes worth of stuff to do tomorrow.

yeah. that sounds good.

Be excellent to one another today ~ and don’t let a little poop ruin your day, m’kay?


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