Three nights in my own apartment…

so far, not felt lonely or alone.

This is a good thing.

figured out how to stream the content through my computer to the television.

yes… I am sooo doing good.

Been a challenge to figure out a schedule for the dogs though ~ we’ve done okay, but I seem to spend a LOT of time walking them back and forth to the pooping grounds.

We’ll get it figured out.

I am liking my decision to NOT bring everything here all at once. One more month of storage is a small price to pay to do this. Two boxes a day, and I will be done by the and of April. MUCH stuff to go to charities I thinks.


my washing machine is working, but doesn’t seem to want to go into the rinse cycle. Of COURSE the directions are under a panel that is screwed down now… **sigh**

I feel like such a pain, but I have very few T-shirts unpacked.

rainy days today and yesterday, going to hang the happy light today… :)

off to the races.

blessings and light ~

be excellent to one another.


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