Dogs are good things…

FINALLY able to get up at a decent hour ~ Decent in my life means before 8 a.m.

Totally foggy outside this morning, and due to leaving the window open all night, my eyes are too.

Silly allergies.

Coffee is in hand, the dogs are complaining because I chose coffee first this morning. As I’ve not been up before 10 since I moved in here, they are used to out, breakfast, out and naps. THEN I’d squeeze “my” morning routine in before it got to late to have coffee.

Though in my world, it is never to late for coffee ~

ERMAHGERD! Speaking of coffee (Like I never do, right?) I was given a snack size Peaberry (white beans) coffee covered in white chocolate.

VERY good things. They are not bitter, leave no after taste and as long as you don’t eat a handful, they don’t make you zoomish ~ they are made by Kona Joes out of Kealakekua-Kona, HI ~ and I am hoping I can order them off the internets. O.o

Lets see… Today the rabbit goes to her new home ~ then I’ve only to move the hutch to storage, and I am pretty much done with the farm. I need to move my kitties, but am waiting until I am sure that there isn’t anything else that needs maintenance in here ~ then I’ll bring them over.

Cheating for a week won’t be a big deal ~ L.C is going to my moms to create havoc there, and Spaz will stay here ~ she is slowing down so much now, she sleeps more than she is awake.

At 15 she is entitled, eh?

Spaz is the last bit that I have left of the girls childhoods. Once she is gone, there is literally nothing left of that time ~ besides the girls of course ~ and while it is not sad, I find it odd that I remember it more when I am cuddling with her. I shall miss her when she is gone, she’s been here through all the crapola, the sleepless nights, the long and dreary days.

So much change in my short life.

I’m … like the youngest person in this place I think. Many are more mobile than me though… way more so. Everyone I’ve met thus far has been totally awesome ~ I’m going to be okay. :)

Coffee is done, it is dog time. I am actually glad I have them, they make me get out and do things ~ I can totally see that it was worth the extra 600 (non refundable) for them to stay with me.

Go out and be excellent to one another today, eh?

Love y’all


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