Do books go on, or in?

Going on my second full week here on the fourth floor ~ so far, so good. I’m no longer the new person on the block, but I have not had the time (nor the energy) to do much in the way of socializing.

Sucks to be so tired all the time.

The Def One is causing me fits right now, to the point where I am thinking of giving her up. She doesn’t seem to want to pay attention and this is bad. She is far stronger than I am right now, and it hurts to control her… Makes me so mad at my world.

yeah, does no good, but it is just what’s what in my mind right now.

I am as unpacked/stored as I can be with the first round of stuff, so ’tis time to add the next. T1k is chomping at the bit to move all the things I own, and it would have been done ~ but I decided that I would rather pay a month extra on the storage, and get stuff sorted/tossed properly NOW than move everything into the storage here and forget it exists until the next move.

eyup. I am SOOOO hoping I can follow through with this plan. :p

We’ll see.

‘Tis Palm Sunday.

I honestly did not remember this until just now, and then it only came to mind after I heard Church bells ~ Time is flying, and I’m still in park. Good thing God doesn’t really get after me about how I spend my time, eh?

I’d be in deep doodoo.

I am away to do the storage stuff, I need my bookcases.

I have two books for them. :)

which makes me wonder here… do you put books IN a bookcase, or ON a bookcase?

Go out and be excellent to one another today ~



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