Good thing to call laziness…


yes, such is the word I must use today.

I have missed so much this week, but gotten so much done too ~

this means that I let stuff slip (like internetting) (is that a word?) and keeping up in my journal (I still remember how to use a pen!) because I overdo it physically… trying to keep up with my self appointed task of GETTING RID OF THE EXTRA THINGS. (stuff, detritus, nick Knacks, space wasters, energy sucking ~ you get the idea…)

I am pleased that I’ve emptied more boxes, pleased with the car load of goodies for the resale charities, but DANG me if I’m not all crippled up today.

huh. I say that like it is unusual.

which, it isn’t.

I go until I drop, then I drop for a few days, then I start over. WHY can’t I just figure out how to pace myself, moderate my activities, and spend fewer days as a cripple?

because … well…I am a human. (contrary to certain individuals thinking) And I bid you welcome to “this” human beings world. Seriously, I AM better about taking care of myself than I was, b ut… yeah. In my head I am still 25 years old, and in my prime. While that stands me in good stead more often than not, I am now twice that age, and many years of abuse of my person has caught up.

yes. take heed. It WILL happen to you. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

unless you don’t ever have children, then the chances of you ever being over extended are smaller, but not by very much.

I find the human race to be a funny thing, a strange and wonderous thing actually. (I’m strange, and you’re wonderful!) (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!) (oops, sorry, I’m cracking myself up again)

But if you think about it, the expectations we have of ourselves and others can be pretty huge. We need to figure out how to change what we do to ourselves and others ~ or we SO aren’t gonna make it as a species.

Don’t go getting your knickers in a twist, I’m just sayin, and it is very true. Now, to figure out HOW to repair the damage, eh?

Tis the napping hour on this day ~ my dogs are sleeping already, IN my clean laundry. Guess I’m going with the “outdoorsy, adorable, rumpled look” this week…

eyup. that’s a GOOD thing to call my laziness.

Go out and be excellent to one another ~

(hugs) if you need it ~


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