one of those where I don’t feel so witty…

some days, I just don’t want to get up.

today was one of “those” days ~ but, I’d promised to take care of GS1, so off I went.

the time went really fast, so I made it home before I crashed ~ but then the crash was long and I am just now moving again.

I’ve got to unload the latest bunch of poooooo from my car yet too. Maybe when I wake up at 10 p.m and can not get back to sleep, eh?

I’ve an upstairs neighbor, they have a dog ~ so far, so good with the noise. Last night was annoying, but not bad. I wonder if it is two people, or a one like me. Most of the apartments are one person, many have lost spouses in death. Many more are like me and kicked to the curb, and dependent on the goodness of those about us. **sigh**

I don’t care for how the U.S takes care of it’s old folks. Not one little bit. Family doesn’t exist anymore, not in the true sense of the word. Old is not revered the way it needs to be in our society. Makes me worried for what we shall become… that, and a lot of other weird things goin’ on…

Made up my mind to buy a camera. Now, must figure out how to pay for it. :)

I no idea how, just hope it is soon. Haven’t had a good camera in a very long time, and nothing to learn real photography on.

Dark is setting in, I must be getting to bed.

here’s hoping tomorrow isn’t so tiring.

fat chance. #mssucks.

g’night moon!


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