And how was your day?

So… another day, another fire. Two actually. One about 6 miles from the house, and one up north.

on the upside, t1k got her first on her own sale today ~ thank the powers that be. NOW they can get on with getting how to do this whole role switch thing. SIL1 is lazy, he doesn’t do womans work. doesn’t do anything that I can see… he’s … yeah.

the risk of him falling by the wayside is huge. he doesn’t even try to help, there is no rhyme or reason to GS1’s life, things don’t get cleaned, fed, nothing at all.

I’m sad, but glad to know T1k knows she can make it without him. She hopes it gets better, she wants it to, but will leave if she must.

I can deal with that.

Funny how I had to back out of helping again, and suddenly they are doing it on their own. No excuses, no blaming, no nothing. This is the second time this has happened in the past four months. The house is a wreck, the kid looks like he lives with meth addicts, but SIL1 is there, taking care of GS1.

Sorta. **sigh**

I am thinking of going to the home town for a couple of weeks. I can’t get a commitment from either daughter to water my plants here at the apartment though, so am working on trying to get my plants situated to go without me for a month. Maybe I can pay someone in the complex to water…

drives me a bit crazy that my kids are all talk and no do. SIL1 is like that also ~ SIL2 doesn’t seem to be that way, but I’ve not asked him to do anything. He feels responsible for his parents, so they are busy there… me? I get left out. that is alright most of the time, but… yeah.

it is what it is, yes?

cracked a bone in my right foot. tripped on the dogs, in the dark, stepped off the curb, rotated the sole of my foot inward.

the stuff they gave me for the nausea gives me nightmares…the pills I take for pain make me nauseated…my body aches won’t let me sleep… prescription sleeping pills make me a zombie…muscle relaxers are making a mess of my stomach…so I take something for the nausea…

I think I’m going back to MJcookies. that little circle there *points up** is making me insane.

somewhere, there HAS to be a balance in all this, so I can feel alive, and maybe work again, and… and… and…

yeah, that is what this is all about. finding some kind of balance.

sorry for no/few capitals, my fingers won’t reach the shift buttons today.

have a wonderful evening, and be excellent to one another, because there is no tomorrow in this life, you may only have today.



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