Just realized I am totally…bored.

I slipped off a curb in the dark, and inverted my right foot.

Therefore I took today (and most of yesterday) to just sit and relax, and try to get the swelling to go down. This is mostly accomplished, so perhaps tomorrow I will be able to get back on the routine.

Not that I have one, but I should be able to get back to it. :)

Nearly all of this week has been cancelled ~ while in ordinary circumstances that would be good, I am feeling a bit irritated with the whole thing. All 3 of the appointments this week have been switched to NEXT week… leaving me feeling like doo doo for this week.

Makes a full month of pain this time. Thank you so very much Pres. Obama. I know you meant well, but the implementation of the health plan was not very well thought out. Infrastructure is about to collapse too.

At least here it is.


not going to be able to sit long tonight, my leg is hurting all the way up. It isn’t a simple break like they think, it is something else.

Sucks totally.

I hope I win the trip to Canada~I’d love to leave all this shit behind for a few days. IF “they” let me go. **sigh**

It rained here overnight, the air smelled so wonderful this morning~had my coffee on the little deck for the first time in 6 weeks ~ six full weeks of 100F temps, beginning at 8a.m. and staying for DAYS on end. I hope that it gets better than this, or I am SERIOUSLY going to move East to Wyoming.

Actually, I am thinking of moving to Montana. I want to get something worth while that I can do with my new “handicap” ~ I would love to go back to school, and go into food production.

I doubt I can get federal aid though, because of my disability. They’d rather support my ass the rest of my life, it is cheaper than retraining me to sit in a chair all day.

yeah, that sounds backward to me too, but this is what I was told.

9 p.m. right now, though it feels like it is earlier ~ football game ran over on the telly, and the shows I watch at 6:30 most evenings are on now. Throws my circadian rhythm off. O.o

Big words for saying my sleep cycle is all fracked up. :)

To pass the time, I have begun planning my farm/ranchette. I know what sort of house I am looking for, the size and space of a barn, now I am setting up the kinds of critters I would have, the number to support myself and two others, and all the propaganda on how to manage things my family has long forgotten how to do.

Like… make soap, grow food, have a wood lot, sew clothing and make cloth.

Do I think it will actually come down to such a thing?

Yes I do. eventually, we will be blown out of the water, and if I can’t be at ground zero, being one of the first people to heaven, I am going to know how to make it in the crazy next epoch.

Nothing on the telly, time for me to watch movies and unwind.

Not that I am wound up to begin with. I really did NOT do anything.

just realized I am totally … bored.

ah well. G’night moon.

be good to one another.


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