Guess I’ll be finding out, eh?

Goooood Morning Campers!

First full day home in a couple of weeks, feels nice to be back here.

Made a quick trip back to the “old hometown” ~ first reason was to see family I still have there, and the second (main) reason was just to get the hell out of Dodge. (Yeah, that should say Spokane.)

This was all because I’d arrived at a point where I had no clue what I was doing, being, saying, heading for, hoping for, wanting to be ~ I was totally STALLED.

To make matters worse, I actually stopped doing anything. This wasn’t a stillness that was good, it was a dead stop without no gumption, emotion, energy ~ there was literally NOTHING.

I’ve been in some pretty weird places before, and while I am sure that more than once in my life I’ve been close to or done this ~ difference this time is that I noticed, probably because it was taking longer than it has ever done to right itself ~

Actually, it wasn’t righting itself. I could not find anything that would lift me out of the dumpster I’d fallen into, pure and simple.

So, I stopped buying groceries, ate up what I had in the refrigerator, and on the last day of fresh food, I packed the my bags, put my dogs and cats in the car, and headed West to L’Town. (Leavenworth)

oh ~~ My lovely little car ~ she is so old, and seldom fights with me. She held up for this trip, and I love her to the moon for it… I’m glad she did ~ because in the 10 days I was there, I helped mom with a bunch of little things she had going, saw my sister with her house project, I slept a lot, visited the old haunts, and saw people who wanted to see me back.

I am happy I went, because while I was there I managed to let go of all the stuff weighing me down.

I am back to where I can be still, listen to the small things of my life, to see my daily life as important. yes?

It is good ~ I must live my everyday life while I wait to know what is in store for me.

Tricky part here is that I have never been very good at waiting, perhaps that is the lesson I am to learn this time?


guess I’ll be finding out, eh?

Go out and make this day count y’all ~ I love you lots.


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