been a long time

Life is so…crazy? batty? busy?


At the moment, I am sitting still ~ watching a video instead of the Olympics. I’m tired of swimming coverage, gymnastics, volleyball ~ that is pretty much all there is at the beginning of the show… that and bicycling.

Is okay, U.S is ahead in the medal count for now, I will watch tomorrow during the day.

Since last I word splattered all over the place…

I am living in my own apartment now, I’m lonely as hell, and hating the lack of yard. Tried to make up for it by having plants on the little deck, but the heat from the roof of the portico below me kills everything. I tried putting up things to block the heat, but the management said that was a no no. I’ve let everything die back ~ kept the succulents for my sister ~ whenever I may get that way again. Once they are gone, the pots and stuff go away to storage in hopes that I can find something/where I can grow things again.

OR until I get tired and sell off all the pots and things in my yard sale in the spring.

I’m thinkin’ that will be what happens, I’m tired of fighting. I don’t even know what I want anymore, so why fight?

Never in my life did I think that I would feel so lost.

Maybe soon I’ll just do what I want to do, and screw the expectations that I set for myself a long time ago.

Almost is tomorrow.  g’night moon.




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