About Me

Been mostly a single mom
three children, all girls
PMS was VERRA bad around here.

I have two dogs,
two cats, one horse,
and a BIG vet bill.

I am old enough to know better,
and young enough to still forget what I really ought to remember…

or is it old enough to forget without any excuses?? hmmm…

I laugh at myself a lot.
Mostly because I am the only one that thinks me funny.
I laugh at the world around me a lot too,
Mostly because irritates the hell out of a lot of people.

I am fairly even tempered.
(I am fair, and I have a temper)

I am afraid of the dark.

I like to write, all sorts of things.
Except required essays. I do not care to write essays.

Poems and verse have a tendency to pop into the cranial cavity without much thought.
though if I try too hard, it all kind of leaks out as nonsense.

(oh shuddup. I make sense … sometimes! (no, you don’t) (yes, I DO) (no… oh shuddup!!))

I talk to myself a lot.

I collect rocks, I have rocks from everywhere I have ever been.

Moving anywheres is really hard to do because I want to take all my rocks with me.

I have never owned a house.

I own my car.

I want a truck. 1958 or older. One with no computer run gadgetry.

I can not decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Guess I will have to grow up someday so I can figure it out…nah. Why ruin a good thing?

I have M.S.

Sometimes that makes me mad, but for the most part, I am good with it.

My lifes’ ambition is an unknown quantity at this point… (see the grow up above)

That said, as I have no particular path in this life, and it sometimes is crazy making… but as no path is cast in stone, it is okay… I am following the path I am on and for the most part, am happy with waiting to see where it goes…besides, I really am not ready to decide what I will do from now on. Mostly because doing one thing for the rest of my natural days sounds incredibly dull.

I equate dull with dead. Not dead dead, just … dead.
As in… breathing and nothing else.
I can not imagine being that kind of dead.

I have a tendency to over think things.

I like to grow things.

I don’t smoke, though I do drink ~ occasionally.

I like to walk. I see the world more clearly when I walk in it. I shall walk until my ability to do so is shot, and then I will ride the Bubba horse.

I broke my lower jaw when I was younger, and it has come back to haunt me. Actually, everything that got messed up in my younger days seems to haunt me…

When I smack my elbow, I always wonder who the moron was that coined the phrase “funny bone”… cuz we ALL KNOW it AIN’T FUNNY!!!

I have learned to like cold coffee, mostly because in the beginning days, I seldom had enough time to sit down and actually drink the stuff when it is hot ~ now it is mostly because I forget where I set my cup down…

I sleep on a memory foam pillow, but so far it has not helped a thing… my memory is just as bad as it ever was…

now, what were we talking about??

* disclaimer *

This list is subject to the whims of the author, and by no means complete.


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