Animal Characters

They that make my life interesting….


Sasquatch Blue ~ a purebred blue heeler dog that is totally deaf ~ very common in the blue strain. While not ideal, I couldn’t bear to get rid of her, so here we are. We learn a lot from one another…


Jumba ~ chiweenie mix that strongly resembles a Rottweiler in coloring. Actually, he is the classic Dachshund coloring, but with his attitude? you’d think he was a hell of a lot bigger than he is.

Ready Rebel, better known as “Bud” ~ he’s the biggest one in the bunch. Rules his harem like he is still a stud, but won’t even bite his own fleas…

Sweet Pea, better known as “Old Cat” ~ and she is the staid, straight laced old woman of our crowd… besides me that is…

this one is kind of called “Baby” ~ better known as Little One, or Little Girl, or “whatchadoin?”

Missy, Better known as “Old Dog” ~ at 11 people years old, she was the grumpy one of the bunch, She died in October of 2010 ~ I miss her every day, though it does get easier to take as time goes on.


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