Not sure where THAT leaves me…

Watching the Seahawk/Saint Louis game on Fox ~ If I can get most of the Hawk games over the air television, then I am going to put cable off until January.

Okay, so at that point, I only have three months on my lease, so… yeah, maybe I’ll put it off forever here at this address. Hmmm…

Now, I honestly like to watch football, though I tend to lean toward the thought that they are all paid way to much for what little they bring to the table. Did you all know that the NFL doesn’t pay much in the way of taxes? Makes me crazy… but!!! Some of the players are really good about helping in their communities, and other charitable organizations throughout the world ~ just wish the governing body (NFL) could be brought to some reasonable place where they pay for taking the worlds money. **sigh**

SO!!! To get back to my original thought ~ I just do not need to pay for television. My mom has cable, and for a few extra bucks, I can watch through her account if I want to see something in particular. I can also use her account to catch anything I may have missed ~ “on Demand” is actually quite awesome.

Other than this, it is Netflix mostly. And Amazon. I tried Itunes, but it doesn’t work to well for my computer, and I have Sirius satellite for music…the trip across the Waterville plateau is long, lonely and boring without it.

Nope, no need to pay for cable, living here in the middle of town.

Am I not the best? I’ve talked me into not getting cable just so I can watch football…and yes, I do this EVERY year about now.

not sure where THAT leaves me. O.o

have a great day. hug people, tell them you love them.

just as I love y’all.


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Guess I’ll be finding out, eh?

Goooood Morning Campers!

First full day home in a couple of weeks, feels nice to be back here.

Made a quick trip back to the “old hometown” ~ first reason was to see family I still have there, and the second (main) reason was just to get the hell out of Dodge. (Yeah, that should say Spokane.)

This was all because I’d arrived at a point where I had no clue what I was doing, being, saying, heading for, hoping for, wanting to be ~ I was totally STALLED.

To make matters worse, I actually stopped doing anything. This wasn’t a stillness that was good, it was a dead stop without no gumption, emotion, energy ~ there was literally NOTHING.

I’ve been in some pretty weird places before, and while I am sure that more than once in my life I’ve been close to or done this ~ difference this time is that I noticed, probably because it was taking longer than it has ever done to right itself ~

Actually, it wasn’t righting itself. I could not find anything that would lift me out of the dumpster I’d fallen into, pure and simple.

So, I stopped buying groceries, ate up what I had in the refrigerator, and on the last day of fresh food, I packed the my bags, put my dogs and cats in the car, and headed West to L’Town. (Leavenworth)

oh ~~ My lovely little car ~ she is so old, and seldom fights with me. She held up for this trip, and I love her to the moon for it… I’m glad she did ~ because in the 10 days I was there, I helped mom with a bunch of little things she had going, saw my sister with her house project, I slept a lot, visited the old haunts, and saw people who wanted to see me back.

I am happy I went, because while I was there I managed to let go of all the stuff weighing me down.

I am back to where I can be still, listen to the small things of my life, to see my daily life as important. yes?

It is good ~ I must live my everyday life while I wait to know what is in store for me.

Tricky part here is that I have never been very good at waiting, perhaps that is the lesson I am to learn this time?


guess I’ll be finding out, eh?

Go out and make this day count y’all ~ I love you lots.


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